Monday, July 7, 2014

Episode 17

On this episode of the Alex and Hayden Show, you will see our booth that we set up at Heritage Days. It was alot of fun. As Mrs.A's daughter said the famous people are now Alex and Hayden because they are awesome. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Episode 16

This bonus feature is elegant and mature. Just kidding its the ............Harlem Shake. OHHHH YEAHHHH!!!!!!!

Episode 15

Ever wonder who made Battman and Alice and Wonderland? Would you ever have thought that he might have autism. Find out in the Alex and Hayden show episode 15. Enjoy!!!!

Episode 14

Guess where we are today, at the library!!! In today's episode you will find out which jazz artist learned to walk and read when he was 18 months old!!! Enjoy The Alex and hayden show episdode 14!!!

Episode 13

Guess which guy was a Ghost-Buster, had autism, and was awesome all at the same time. Find out who it is in this episode of the Alex and hayden show episode 13. Enjoy!!!!

Episode 12

Guess where we are in this episode......... Autism Walks in Pittsburg PA( Heinz Field)!!!! Learn about Autism walks and meet the Cheerleaders from Pitt!!! Enjoy:)

Episode 11

Did you know that Iron man had autism? Find out more on the Alex and Hayden show episode 11. Enjoy!!!!

Episode 10

Ever wonder how kids cope with autism, well on episode 10 of the Alex and Hayden show you will find out, also includes a very special guest star. Enjoy the soon to be viral, Alex and Hayden Show!!!!!

Episode 9

On this episode of the Alex and Hayden show, you will learn about a famous actress who had autism. I hope you in enjoy this episode of the Alex and Hayden Talkshow(on location)!!! BYE

Friday, July 4, 2014

Episode 8

On The Alex and Hayden Show Episode 8, we are at the ......Waugh House. You will find out which American Idol contestant had autism and a hair curler that seem deathly. Enjoy!!!!